PlanetPaul releases the 2nd monograph on artist Paul du Toit.


With full access to the archive established after Paul's death, five writers draw inspiration from the many notebooks, scribblings, thoughts and diaries left behind to explore the various influences on Paul's creative output.

Editor Ashraf Jamal opens by calling for Paul's oeuvre to be reassessed by the art world. Tim Leibbrandt explores Paul's love of punk music in  'A Punk Odyssey'. Anna Stielau analyses Paul's search for Utopia, while Sarah McCarthy reflects on Paul's love of sculpture and specifically his public piece 'Into tomorrow'. Archivist Claire McNulty's highlights some intriguing aspects of Paul's creative legacy.


The book is richly and generously illustrated with Paul's standout works and examples of the diverse mediums in which he worked.


Soft Cover Release: 13 December 2016


Hard Cover Release: 17 December 2016


(Limited edition of 250 Hard Cover books. Your number will be allocated​ as soon as confirmation of payment has been received​.)



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